POR FESR 2014-2020

Action 1.1.2 – call for tenders “Support for MSME for the acquisition of innovation services”

Project implementation period: January 2019 / September 2019
Project amount: €. 35.000,00
Union co-financing rate: 30%
Local unit where the expense of the project were carried out: Arezzo (AR) Loc. Indicatore 49/50 g Cap 52100 country Italy
MARCONI SRL Project funded under the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020”

Project Title: Organizational innovation and digitalisation of processes in a Lean perspective (KAIZEN)
Through the implementation of the project “Organizational innovation and digitalization of processes in a Lean (KAIZEN)”, the company wanted to make a quantum leap in its internal organizational procedures, a re-foundation of organizational procedures to access important resources both human and monetary in terms of efficiency and waste reduction.
At the end of the project, considering the work done and the transfer of knowledge generated by training activities, great results have already been achieved with respect to the analysis, comprehension of the processes and practical rationalization of some activities, in full spirit of the continuous improvement craved by the lean methods.