Ongoing exchange for unique quality

From the idea to the creation of custom-designed furniture and d├ęcor, craftsmen, technicians and professionals all work together to create projects. Marconi encourages comparison and constant collaboration with its architects, designers and customers in order to create, project after project, work relationships based on the exchange of skills and know-how. This allows for ensuring the quality and compliance between the service supplied and the product requested.
Marconi combines theory and practice, finding the best solutions and taking painstaking care of all details in the design process, in order to be able to provide retail areas that are unique, exhibition areas that are emotional, and living areas that are intimate and comfortable. Originality goes hand in hand with quality, with keen eyes following gifted hands, just as beauty always follows uniqueness in Marconi’s creations.

Excellence point by point…

  • A single contact and ideal partner for professionals working in this field;
  • Coordinated development and constant supervision of the project from the optimisation to the production, from the installation to the final testing;
  • Optimisation of production and delivery times;
  • Final product with high-quality craftsmanship, refined materials and finishes in every single detail.